Friday, January 29, 2010

Congratulations to Max and Valentine

Congrats to our Max and Valentine for their original music compositions "Solana Beach" and "Sedona", winning entries in the PTA Reflections Program. Both pieces have been honored by going on to the 9th District Level for further judging - this means they're up against all the other entries from San Diego and Imperial Counties, so good luck!

Both songs, played on guitar and piano, were recorded using Varsity Strings' Zoom H4n Digital Recorder and transcribed to CD using iTunes.

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Extreme Storms But The Show Goes On

Uh-oh. This is the kind of thing you don't want to see on the weather forecast an hour before your concert.

Here's what the ocean looked like right after school. The waves are sketchy, big, and just plain gnarly. Most of the surfers are home, avoiding death.

Maybe it's better down at Ocean Beach Pier. Whoops! Guess not! Unless you're Jordan Hamann.

Better get out of here!

This poor guy couldn't make it to Black Angus, so he told us we could have his chicken wing appetizers.

Getting there was awesome! Nothing like carrying around your beloved instruments in weather like this!

Although the storm peaked on the way to the restaraunt and we witnessed three grisly accidents along the way, we all made it to the Black Angus on Friars Road and put on a show for the San Diego Children's Coalition. Here's Big Max playing his acoustic steel string:

Max x Max = Max Squared.

Thanks to Clando Brownlee, Jeff Perwin, Julio Deguzman and the great folks from District 37 Kiwanis. The San Diego Children's Coalition is an umbrella group of 50 local children's charities. They do lots of great work and have these meet & greet events once a month at a different location each time. We also met Debi Spindelman who wants us to do her CCC Inclusion Festival in April! Hi Debi -

For more information, please contact:
San Diego Children's Coalition
Jeff Perwin, Chairman

Monday, January 4, 2010

Christmas Benefit for FOCUS Charities

Singer/Songwriter James Morris asked us to perform with him at the Coronado Cays Yacht Club, a December fundraiser for FOCUS Charities. We practiced like crazy and we got to play some rockin' Christmas jingles for a starry-eyed audience!

These guys are party animals. Look at em go!

Jocelyn is practicing out in the front room -

I'm just working on HOW COOL I LOOK!

Aww. Doesn't this belong in a Christmas card?

Jocelyn is first up with "Jingle Bells". Sorry we don't have video of this, but I haven't figured out how YouTube works yet. Gotta get that YouTube working!

We both play some classical songs together and then "My Favorite Things" from The Sound of Music. Everybody loved that...

I decked out my guitar with a purty ornament and ribbon -

James performing the songs off his new album.


FOCUS is an amazing all-volunteer charity; they use donations to buy things that other local children's health-related charities actually need. FOCUS buys at wholesale and doesn't pay a tax, so every dollar donated is stretched to the M A X I M U M.

They're the closest thing in San Diego to Santa and his little dancing elves...

Thanks again to Maria and the entire Morris family, they are excellent people! Hope everybody had happy holidays!

FOCUS - Friends of Children United Society
P.O. Box 180023, Coronado, CA 92178
(619) 522-2140