Friday, December 17, 2010

Carolyn Helps Record Our Christmas CD

Carolyn, an award winning violinist from Westview High School, has gone out  of her way (literally, she's on the other side or town!) to help us record a few songs for our Christmas CD. She's probably the best violinist for her age in the entire city. She was really great to work with, and played a perfect version of Silent Night the first time she tried it.

Here she is, third from the left, beside Ron Bierman, President of Advocates for Classical Music and Artistic Director of the San Diego Youth Symphony Jeff Edmons. She's receiving the top prize for the 2010 Symphony Concerto Competition. Bravo Carolyn!

She'll be playing her violin concerto with the full orchestra at the Spring Ovation Concert on June 12th, 2011 at Symphony Hall, downtown San Diego.

We set her up with a microphone run through an amp with lots of reverb to get a really deep echo sound for her violin. Carolyn LOVED that, she played around with the sound a lot and wants one for herself now. She's on our Christmas CD playing a solo piece, Silent Night, and Jingle Bell Rock.
Thanks, Carolyn!

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