Friday, April 29, 2011

Megan Joins Varsity Strings on the Bass

We want to welcome Megan, who plays BASS! She plays stand up acoustic Bass, she plays electric stand up Bass, she plays a fretless electric Bass guitar, she is the BEST BRILLIANT BASS BLASTER I've met and she actually said yes to playing with us once in a while, between gigs with the San Diego Youth Symphony.

Everybody's going to Boston:

Sophia and Megan love doing Stray Cat Strut,
wait 'till we throw some drums on this....

Hope Jake doesn't mind Megan singing his personal favorite song.....

If you don't know who Nana Mouskouri was, here she is, glasses and all. 
She wasn't French, but she sang in 15 languages including Mandarin Chinese!

As all Greeks know, she was Greek:

If you'd like a song by her in English, how about this?...

Welcome Megan and welcome Nana to Varsity Strings!

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