Saturday, February 6, 2010

Max Joins Varsity Strings

We had an awesome meeting the other day with an amazing guitarist from Mira Mesa High school! He's been playing for seven years and he's got some sweet chops to show off to the world ! And his name, believe it or not, is MAX!
Here he is -

So now we have three guitarists: Max, Max, and Max. We have become Max cubed. We are going to call the newest Max "Curly Max" because of his hair. He resembles the young Robert Plant, don't you think?

Paper Moon Music reccomended Curly Max as one of their most talented young guitarists. So we invited him over and gave him the usual treatment: let's hear you play something, lemme play your cool guitar, and here's a batch of cookies for your trouble. WOW! Things couldn't have gone smoother, especially when he uncased his Gibson ES-345 Tobacco Sunburst with gold hardware! Curly Max proceeded to cook up a sizzling soup of funk, jazz, and blues. Then I asked him if he dug Led Zeppelin, and Curly Max started ripping out "Bring it on Home." We knew that this guy was in.

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