Saturday, November 27, 2010

Busking at the Mission Beach Boardwalk

Here we are down at the Mission Beach Boardwalk, right outside the Plunge swimming pool and roller coaster. Everybody was out getting exercise after Turkey Day, including us.

One of the things we're thankful for is the weather. It was a REALLY nice day.

We're a bit rusty at this, we need to practice more!

Jake gets warmed up as we go along -

We actually made some decent cash - which we are very thankful for! . . .
Fresh Start Surgical Gifts gets a bit more, 1 buck at a time!

One of Jake's favorites, "Stand By Me" -

and "Gloria!" - G L O R I A ! More cash is acquired!

We gotta do this more often!

Friday, November 26, 2010

A.R.T.S. Guitar Program

Here's the guitar class I founded and teach at A.R.T.S. on Tuesdays to kids with life challenges. We usually have a lot more kids, but this is Thanksgiving week, so only a few showed up.

There are all kinds of new instruments coming into the A.R.T.S. music room, including this giant 1970's Hammond Organ! It has it's own speaker cabinet, all made of oak wood!

And they've been buying new guitar amps - wow!

The guitar area of the room, that's the new class coordinator, Carey. Carey is COOL, and he's an expert at mixing with ProTools 7.

Animal is cool too.

Tuning up his electric guitar, which is hard - it's not plugged in!


After class, some people on the street heard me playing and wanted  some more, so I gave a quick sidewalk concert. This girl plays drums -

My giant audience!

Thanks to Andy, Carey, and Adrianna

See you next time!