Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Hotrodding My Gibson SG, Part 1

My parents said that the ONLY (!) thing they will be giving me this Christmas is a full Hotrod Redo of my Gibson SG. Andy's Guitar Shop will be doing it, and I'm thinking about exactly what to do and replace.

To see what was finally done, click on:
 Hotrodding My Gibson SG Part 2

It's not exactly a bad guitar right now:

But here's what I'm thinking - it sure would play sweet with a Jerry Garcia-ish 1964 style Bigsby Vibrato, (the modern Bibsby B5 unit nowadays,) plus add chrome pickup covers and the original stock 1/2 size pickguard, all seen below:

Andy at the shop says he'd really like to pop on an archtop style Bigsby and is researching which is the best right now, this does look pretty nice, WOW -

Here's the B7 unit, probably this is the one to go with, but I like the idea of getting rid of the black paint so it's all aluminum/nickel plated:

...and here's the blueprint:

We can also install an original style Gibson Lyre Tailpiece tremolo system, but these are impossible to find and don't work nearly as well as the Bigsby:

And also - I'm really liking these Chrome and black pearl "Top Hat" guitar knobs, they aren't retro-original but they look GREAT;

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