Monday, September 5, 2011

Sophia's Set at the Mitch's Surf Shop Benefit

We actually blew a fuse during Sophia's first song, which was a shame because Sophia is such a....

Sophia has an ultra-cool delivery that sounds just like Peggy Lee. The classy 'Peg' was a superstar for decades, basically put Capitol Records in business, and was known for delivering sly, simmering jazz vocals that blended into the instruments around her.
Forget the black and white grainy footage, and watch Peg trade notes and shoot cues at the jazzy electric guitar player here:

Now watch Sophia open this 'Stand By Me' duet with Jake:

See what I mean? Sophia makes us all sound good...

We closed our whole set with this killah version of Boston, which we all got down cold now:


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