Saturday, September 3, 2011

the Mitch's Surf Shop Benefit was GREAT!!!!

Let's go to...          
                Mitch's Surf Shop!

Setting up -

The Sophia Set -

Here we go -

Curly Max -

Megan on standup bass -

The ever-classy Sophia sings -

The boys -

The Lean & Mean Rhythm Section -

Me on guitar -

Fonzo on drums -

The infamous JAKE SET, we crushed it! -

Jake sings -

We did a huge 2-hour gig, here's our set list:

Warm-up Instrumentals:
Bossa Dorado
Always on the Run
Cissy Strut

Jake Sings:
Little Wing Jake
Feels Like Walking
Hurdy Gurdy Man
Loves to Get Carried Away
House of the Rising Sun

Surf Songs:

Sophia Sings:
Little Lion Man
Hey Soul Sister
Stray Cat Strut
Lean on Me

Stand By Me
Sympathy for the Devil
Paint it Black
Summertime Blues
My Generation

I'll post all of Jake and Sophia's songs next, but here's our jazz-funk-surf acoustic set first. This warmed us up and drove the audience CRAZY!

Notice Fonzo on drums - and Megan playing like crazy to rip out a FANTASTIC bass line, which ain't easy on Curly Max's giant standup that SHE HADN'T EVEN USED BEFORE!!!!

Megan's favorite song, I think she's one of those Beatniks...


Jason Lee said I played this cleaner than him, which is pretty good cause I did this whole set on my trusty but rusty $75 Mexican Strat...

THE RAFFLE!!! I bought tickets and won some sandals and t-shirts!

Megan won the hat she wanted!!!

Micah is manning the Raffle Booth for Fresh Start Surgical Gifts - we made a LOT for them!

Word is that Micah is a 1970's version of an exact duplicate of Ashton Kutcher - what do you think? I think we should ask Ashton Kutcher to run our Raffle Booth next year so Micah can help out customers inside, nobody would notice; he looks just like Micah anyway -

Mitch's Surf Shop was busy all day -


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