Sunday, July 31, 2011

Fresh Start Surgical Gifts Surf Rock Concert - Benefit Sidewalk Party, Raffle and Sale Coming Labor Day Weekend at Mitch's Surf Shop

A giant Labor Day Weekend Benefit Concert - Sale - Raffle - Free Food & Drinks Party, with a huge amount of primo raffled items and we'll kick it off with some classic surf rock & Varsity Strings favorites! At least three groups will be playing, including Billy Watson and his International Silver Strings Band! This is gonna be FUN!
Everyone is invited, open all day to the public. For our pals at Fresh Start Surgical Gifts.
Saturday, September 3rd 
Varsity Strings plays 11:00am - 12:30pm
Raffle Drawing at 2:30pm
At: Mitch's Surf Shop 
363 North Highway 101, Solana Beach (858) 481-1354

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

VARSITY STRINGS Knocks 'Em Out And Clando Does It Again at Tio Leo's!

Varsity Strings plays another big benefit night success for the Children's Charity Coalition! We practiced like crazy for this and played all night and IT WAS FUN!!!!

This is the longest post in Varsity Strings' history! Sorry if it crashes your computer!
Here's the photos, and then the videos follow...

The Band Photos 

Max the guitarist & Alfonso on drums -

Megan on bass -

Fonso the Alfonso, his arms are a blur -

LETS GO! Where's Sophia?!?!?!


First vocals - the audience LOVED Sophia, she did a perfect job and was a huge hit!

Everybody should have a gunslinger guitarist playing theme music behind them -

Jamming with Megan was another big hit of the night -

She's so intense!

Nothing like grooving to classic Herbie Hancock -

At $75 a plate, the entertainment, prizes and games were a DEAL!

The poster -

We want to thank Clando Brownlee and the whole crowd at the Children's Charity Coalition last night for inviting us, we got a lot of great feedback (not the bad kind of feedback, Chris the Sound Guy took care of that) and made a lot of new friends. Sophia singing, Megan on bass and Fonso the Alfonso did an OUTRAGEOUSLY AMAZING job and Gunslinger Max played some pretty nice guitar too.

The Videos

Here's our practice sessions at the Canoe Club, if anybody wants to watch them too:

We want to thank Clando Brownlee again, 
and the Children's Charity Coalition, 
the Brotherhood Lion's Club, 
Little Kids Rock, 
and Kool Klimate Kids!

Friday, July 22, 2011

Surf & Canoe Club Practice

This is gonna be fun...

Varsity Strings Dinner Concert
Tuesday, July 26th 5:30 - 8:30pm
at Tio Leo's, San Diego
2302 Napa Street, San Diego (619) 542-1462

Free Appetizers, Games, Drawings, Fun!
Dinner Club hosted by Clando Brownlee, Jr.
The San Diego Children's Coalition
Brotherhood Lion's Club of San Diego

Here we are practicing, Alfonso is smacking those drums pretty good and Sophia and Megan sound great:

Hey Megan, um, is that the right song?

Going with the 12 string on this song:

And we decided to do a heavy guitar version of "Iris", I'm keeping my Tube Screamer on the whole time.

More to come, hope to see you all there!

Thursday, July 14, 2011

NEXT: Club Concert at Tio Leo's!

Clando Brownlee, the San Diego Children's Coalition and the Brotherhood Lion's Club have asked us to do a show at  Tio Leo's on Napa Street. Clando and the clubs will be having drawings, prizes, free appetizers, drinks & lots of PARTY FUN!!!

Tuesday, July 26th 5:30 - 8:00pm
Dinner Club hosted by Clando Brownlee, Jr.
The San Diego Children's Coalition
Brotherhood Lion's Club of San Diego
At: Tio Leo's, San Diego
2302 Napa Street, San Diego (619) 542-1462

This is the main summer mixer, networking & celebration event of the top children's charities of San Diego. Varsity Strings will be knocking out a huge 2 hour set of rock, jazz and and some original tunes!
This is our giant dinner club graduation party!
Everyone is invited, free to the public.

Sophia, Megan and I are learning some new songs for the show, here at the San Diego Surf & Canoe Club, cleverly decorated to look like someone's garage...



Oops! A CEMENT MIXER started dumping right behind Sophia:

Finally -

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

New Open Mic Nights

New places for acoustic music and Open Mic nights:

Maria Maria at Fashion Valley, owned by Carlos Santana with locations in California and Texas, has new Open Mic night Tuesdays, 6:30pm - 9:00pm. 2 songs, or a 10-minute set, signups at 6:00 pm.
     and ...
The Wine Lover in Hillcrest has acoustic performances all summer on Sundays.
Cafe Italia in Little Italy has great music all summer too!