Thursday, August 12, 2010

Max MacMillan - Founder, Guitarist

Here's my all-new blog:

Max MacMillan (that's me) started Varsity Strings at La Jolla High School in my freshman year because they wouldn't let me play guitar in the Marching Band! You can read the whole story HERE.We play exclusively for charity organizations and to raise money for Fresh Start Surgical Gifts. Varsity Strings has received five Community Service Awards, written an original theme song for our charity, produced benefit CDs, and we haven't had any free time for more than 4 years now! I like to surf too. And my fortune cookie said I spend too much time on my appearance, which is spot on, quite frankly.

Featured on the 2011 Squeaky Wheel tour: 

Me & Curly Max entertaining at the Del Mar Sunset Soiree:

LizFest, a private benefit concert by local jazz musicians.
Jamming with Grammy award winning drummer Russell Bizzett, with Jamie Shadowlight snapping pictures in the background! Sophia sings a great version of Little Lion Man, and I get to rip on my new 12-string electric/acoustic Guild!

My Tufts Application Video, and yes they accepted me!
... but I didn't choose them, sorry Tufts!

Guitars of choice: Guild 12-string acoustic/electric, 1972 Acoustic Washburn that I found in a pawn shop and my Gibson Les Paul Cherry-top Electric that cost a bit more than the Washburn. I named the Les Paul Sunshine. Only I and my dearest friends may call her Sunshine. And my coolio Mexico Strat I bought from my surfing buddy!

Favorite artists: Bruddah Iz, the mighty Jimmy Page & friends, Wes Montgomery, whatever makes me happy. Like...

Favorite song this week: Over the Rainbow. What else?

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