Sunday, August 29, 2010

Our New Best Friends - Brotherhood Lions Club

Well, we just played for the Inauguration of the Brotherhood Lions Club last week because we've known Clando Brownlee for a long time and he's always doing something for the community. We never expected to get paid, or get a donation for Fresh Start Surgical Gifts.

But here I am with Mr. Brownlee taking his nice BIG check for Fresh Start for the work we did and that means he's our NEW BEST FRIEND! He's our BEST OLD FRIEND too, so he's got double honors with us now.

We're talking to Mr. Brownlee about doing a Lions/Varsity Strings project where we'll raise our Fresh Start money by doing a BBQ Blues Concert. This sounds FUN!!! More info will come when we figure out how we're going to do it. The Brotherhood Lions have promised to cater some smoked meat, burgers, weenies and Hawaiian mac salad and we think we can pull together a lot of good music, so....

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