Monday, August 23, 2010

Tiki Oasis Ukulele Boy

Otto Von Stroheim's Tiki Oasis hired me (50 bucks a day as a Fresh Start donation) to wander around at their event playing the ukulele. This is an annual Hawaiian-appreciation event they have at the Hanalei Hotel. That's where Valentine and I played for the new Rotary Club last month, but this was a LOT different!

People started arriving in classic old cars:

And I stood out front greeting them with my Ukulele. I was the UKULELE BOY.

I wandered around from booth to booth, playing for everybody...

Tiki Carvers:

Drum Makers:

And other players who just want to jam - this is the famous Tony Marsico from the Martini Kings group. He's played bass for Bob Dylan, and just about everybody else. So he's COOL.

Here's a ukulele class they had on Sunday in the grove, taught by Judd Finklestein of the Mai Kai Gents, a professional Hawaiian music group:

And this is Denny Moynahan, a legendary player. He was taught by old people in a retirement cummunity he was working at, once they found out he wanted to play the Uke they wouldn't leave him alone until they taught him everything they knew since 1923. He's toured the world playing it since then.

Another ukulele fan:

And here I am in front of the Tiki.

The best thing was this one lady who brought a dog in her purse:

Anyway, the last two days we've played for the Lion's Club, a volunteer drive for Voices for Children, and Tiki Oasis, so that was probably the biggest weekend Varsity Strings has ever had. I'm going to have some ice cream, watch an episode of Mary Tyler Moore, and go to sleep!

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