Saturday, August 14, 2010

Cocktails and Awards with Fresh Start

Don't let this give you the wrong idea. Things aren't all fun and games with Fresh Start Surgical Gifts. But everybody deserves a night off (Santa gets 364 of them) and these folks REALLY deserve a party once in a while.

Doesn't she look like somebody's Fairy Godmother?

Here's us warming up! Yay!

When we perform with Jake, a Stones jam will often fall out of the blue.

Hi Amanda!

People started arriving and they seemed to be having fun!

Beads and more beads everywhere!

Here are some more happy people...

Jake and Valentine are still warming up,
and we realized that this was going to be FUN!
Look at those SMILES! All aboard the FUN TRAIN!

Time to get to work. Jake, it turns out, likes Eric Burdon and the Animals. And anything gritty, for that mattter.

"Tobacco Road" -

Blues Man Jake!

"Stand By Me" -

Fresh Beignets - I thought they only had these at Disneyland!

People suddenly arrive by the HUNDREDS.

Hey, Valentine, drop the beignets and get over here!

"Summertime" with Valentine:

Looking sharp with a dead seahorse tie pin-

So is Curly Max - even though Valentine said he couldn't wear the cool golden tie-

The crowd really likes this one - "Dark Eyes"...

Valentine does another slow jazz song -

And here's Jake and Valentine singing the song that Jake wrote for Fresh Start!

And Val drums on the next one -

Jake's been waiting to sing this all night! "House of the Rising Sun", classic for a New Orleans Mardi Gras - themed party...... it's his signature tune!

"Hey Joe" as usual ends the set.

Can you believe that this is only the second time Jake has ever sung in public??!?!?! The first time was in U.S. History Class, so it doesn't even count!

Time to relax - Curly Max says, "I have a story to tell!"

Jake says - "That was SOME STORY!"

WAIT! There's more!

Afterwards, there was an awards presentation. This is one of the people Fresh Start has helped out. She was REALLY REALLY HAPPY!

Then Mimi Askew suprised us by giving us these certificates of appreciation! Hooray!

Curly Max isn't the only one to get a certificate, even though it always seems to look that way. I think he just looks more like a musician than anybody else, so they give him good stuff first.

Curly Max is our Lonesome Leader.

Thanks to Fresh Start, we had a great time!

See you next time!

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