Thursday, March 25, 2010

Children's Week Planning Session

The Center City Development Corporation hosted a planning session with the Children's Coalition at their downtown Horton Plaza offices. We were invited to headline the Kids Festival that ends the week, so we were asked to perform at their meeting, too!

This was really interesting, because of all the behind-the-scenes ideas going on, as well as our insider tour of the newest real estate developments in the downtown area -

Here's Maria showing Curly Max the town...

That's the Midway aircraft carrier in the front -

This is what it's like to be Godzilla:

So finally the meetings started...

"And now we have VARSITY STRINGS! Hit it, guys!"

"YAAAY! Hey, Curly Max - cool jacket!"

Thanks to Maria at the CCDC, the great volunteers with the Children's Coalition, and all the people who clapped for us!
Here's a link to their 2010 events page:
Children's Day Events

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