Saturday, January 22, 2011

Fresh Start Carlsbad Marathon Fundraiser

Fresh Start Surgical Gifts asked us to play for their fundraising night in Carlsbad. When we got there, Curly Max was shocked because he realized that he was IN THE MARATHON the NEXT DAY! He knew about the fundraiser, he's a marathon runner who signed up for this event months ago, but never realized they were the same event. So it was sort of a strange night for him.

First, we gave our latest fundraising check to Amanda Thompson from Fresh Start. She loves getting these checks, she puts them up on her office wall. Most of this money was from our Christmas Concert for the City of San Diego.

Max Reinmueller,    Amanda Thompson,    Max MacMillan

Max & Curly Max at the front door. Where do we plug in?

OH. Over here, I think...

Here everyone is, signing in. As you can see, these people NEED MUSIC!

How big is the room? It's dark in here!

IT'S HUGE! This is probably the biggest crowd we're ever played for, you only see about 1/2 the room here. Amanda said about 450 people showed up.

Max wails...

Curly Max digs into a string...

We did about a 45 minute set of blues and our own songs.
Afterwards, we realized the hotel is right next to Legoland! This was beside our car in the parking lot:

Thanks Amanda! See you at the Marathon!

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