Sunday, March 13, 2011

Varsity Strings at the Spring Forward Festival

Clando Brownlee from the Brotherhood Lion's Club asked us to play a big set of classic rock for their Spring Forward Festival. This was a community festival on a nice spring Sunday, to suppport green technologies in California. Music, fun and hot dog eating contests, which I'll talk about later...

Here's our song list:

Johnny B. Goode
Jumpin’ Jack Flash
Bossa Dorado
Paint it Black
Brown Eyed Girl
Always on the Run
All Along the Watchtower
House of the Rising Sun
Red River Blues
Jake's Song
Little Wing
Molasses River Blues

First, our Sunday 8:00am garage practice. The neighbors love it when we do this...

Stop it you guys!

We played in a big old railway station ticket house. It was really cool:

The band!

Me, Max. I'm still waking up here; last night was our Senior Year ASB Ball so it's been a pretty busy weekend so far.

Curly Max:

Alfonso - we coulldn't belive the sounds he was getting out of this little 2-drum set:

And Mr. Jake, who sang like a wild man at 12:00 noon on a Sunday. He's been playing baseball a lot (starting pitcher) so this was a big change from what he usually does.


Always On The Run:

Max checks the equipment...

Teaming up for Brown Eyed Girl.

One mic!

Jake says goodbye for now! Do his ears hurt?!?!?!


The After-Interview:

Thanks Clando
for another great festival,
see you soon!

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