Saturday, June 11, 2011

The Horrifying Les Paul INCIDENT

Well, I broke my Les Paul Sunburst Double Humbucker Switchable's neck. It just fell forward from its guitar stand and went CRACK! Apparently this happens all the time; Les Paul necks are mahogany and are really delicate.



BUT there is a happy ending to my little horror story!



Notice anything new on the guitar below?

Yup, that's right, Andy at Andy's Guitar Shop installed a super-special all chrome humbucker cover to my neck pickup. Usually these have 6 holes in them for more of a hot sound, but I wanted the full plate to give me a creamy, jazzy, smooth sound at the neck. Gibson doesn't make these anymore but Andy found a supplier and since he listened to the results he's stocking them and recommending them to all of his clients!

He also re-soldered the ground on the pickup 
and it's clean and tough now...

Andy also installed this truss-rod bell cover - WOW!

So I want to thank Andy's Guitar Shop on Adams Avenue, who did a PERFECT JOB. I really think Andy is the best custom guitar hotrodder in the city, he is an amazing guy and has the inside story on how to get the most out of your instrument. His shop is always fun to visit, with used/customized guitars on one wall for sale at great prices.
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