Saturday, October 22, 2011

Squeaky Wheel Tour 2011

My improvisation in the key of BLUEGRASS!

That's my new tie there, it's extra fancy, cost me 5 bucks -

The stage -

James Morris starts -

Jannel Rap tells us all about the Squeaky Wheel Tour.

Adam Turbiner from Ovation and Takamine Guitars explains his companies' support of the cause. Adam was really cool.

James Morris sings his new song, written especially for the tour:

Jannel sings a new song with her son, Elijah:

Kenny Eng was really good;

Thanks to Jannel Rap, James and Maria Morris, 
Adam Turbiner fron Ovation (mine played GREAT!)
and Takamine Guitars!

For more information about the Tour, click on:

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