Friday, December 16, 2011

Christmas at Ronald McDonald House

The Kiwanis asked us to play at their big year-end dinner they host at Ronald McDonald House here in San Diego. We said YES, ripped out the Christmas music books and practiced!

I'm making sure I know how to play Hark The Herald Angels Sing on guitar:

Sophia it turns out is a Christmas Music Master. She's in her church choir, she knows how to sing 72642 Christmas songs and she can play them on piano too.

She's also getting a lot of fans by being the lead singer for the Jazz Ensemble at school, they just played the La Jolla Country Club!

Here we go. Fancy, huh?

This is their HUGE Christmas tree, sitting behind us.

More songs,

And lots more guitar...

There were gingerbread houses everywhere.

YUM. But why is the snowman guarding the front of the house????

The kids loved Sophia! They gave her one of their crafts.

The snowmen were not talking to us.

YAY! This was a lot of fun!

Sophia with her craft, and I'm doing an imitation of RAINBOW DASH. (Or Fluttershy.)

The whole place was dressed up for the holidays!

Thanks to Sandi at Ronald McDonald House, 
and the San Diego Kiwanis!

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