Sunday, July 1, 2012

Jazz Night at the Villa Capri

We did a lot of practicing at the San Diego Canoe Club for this event!

The best thing about playing a great Italian restaurant like the Villa Capri is the pizza appetizers
...and Sophia!

We're up front, with Malachi crammed into the corner just like a real jazz musician.

Very fancy!

Sophia is READY TO GO.

So are WE!

It felt like Sophia and I had just walked into a musical called "The Jazzy Adventures of Malachi and Darwin." We'd missed Part 1, but Part 2 was really good.

Darwin digs into his strings -

Malachi is the blur in the corner -

But I also thought maybe THEY feel like they've just walked into a musical 
called "Singin' the Blues with Sophia and Max!"

Here she goes -

Either way, this was the best gig we've played yet. We practiced two sets, but then we had to stretch our first 45 minute set into 1 hour and 15 minutes. So we played 3 songs in the first 30 minutes!!!!

Thanks to our friend Val 
at the Del Mar Rotary Club!
We always love playing for you!

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