Saturday, May 29, 2010

A Memorial Day Set for LizFest 2010

LizFest is an All-day Garden Benefit Concert for the Elizabeth Weedmark Memorial Fund, held over Memorial Day Weekend to raise funds for the School of Creative and Performing Arts and instruments for the San Diego Children's School. Grammy winner Lori Bell, jazz players Jamie, Chuck Perrin and Carla Bizzet and a lot of other pros all showed up. We were asked to do a set for them, thanks to Nathan and Anita Weedmark for inviting us! This was the quickest thrown together session we've ever done, but the Nikbeats (in their regular street clothes) pulled through.

Valentine sang a quick version of Summertime, with a real tasty acoustic jazzy-bluesy solo by Curly Max -

Our opening number was the good old reliable Bossa Dorado with Max & Max, and those audience toes started tapping real good...

I practiced this all day, have never played Bron-Y-Aur Stomp before in front of any audience. They seemed to like it...

Valentine played two of her newest songs, these were giant hits with the audience, they kept asking her about how she wrote them, where she went to school, if she has a CD they can buy, if she could sign their posters,
she was...

The audience wanted another one, so after more questions she let them have it with this, and I think this is exactly the way a big black grand piano should be played:

Thanks again to Nathan And Anita!

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