Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Voices For Children - Night of the Nikbeats

We did a Nikbeat Classic Jazz set at Voices For Children, that actually made us $48 for for our charity Fresh Start, which is exactly $48 more than what we expected to make this night! Most of the money was donated by the audience after we nailed Miles Davis's "All Blues" and Valentine sang a hauntingly beautiful rendition of "Summertime." With an added spotlight solo of Curly Max's.

Somebody looks a little fed up with Dark Max's "camera-friendly" personality!

"Alright, you wannna-be jazzers. Let's give these guys a first-class ticket to Strayhorn's A-Train".

Here's our appetizer: a bossa-laden acoustic set boiling with bongos, spiced up with some snazzy snare work, marinated in jazzitude, and flamed to a crisp with red-hot finger-blistering licks. And if that don't sound hip enough for ya, there's a McDonald's down the corner, square.

Unfortunately for her piano fans, all Valentine wants to do now is DRUM.
She's actually pretty good! We're gonna keep working with her until she can pull off the intro for Van Halen's "Hot for Teacher."

Thanks to Susan and Megan at Voices For Children for a great night! These folks are really hard working, good people who run San Diego's biggest organization devoted to legally representing abused, neglected and abandoned children. They make sure these kids will have a safe and permanent home. We really loved helping them and played one of the best nights we've had all year, they really appreciated our music and Valentine singing. We'd love to do ANY event they throw at us!

Here they are at ...             Voices4Children.com

WOW! How Coolsville is this?
I can't believe we actually got certificates for playing jazz!

"Certificate of Appreciation for Contributions To Playing Jazz in a Way That Doesn't Annoy the Audience or Make Dogs Howl or Babies Scream, at Least During the Acoustic Set." Signed and dated.

So there.

After everybody went home, here's the very last song we did. This is the dreaded Midnight Set.

Bye! Thanks for Looking!

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