Wednesday, June 23, 2010

More Toys for the RADY Kids!

We cleaned up at the Fair today collecting toys for Rady Children's Hospital.
Jordan came today -

Here's our haul:

The Big Purple Dog was dropped off a few days ago, somebody won this and couldn't get it in their car! I don't know if Nancy Stoke from Torrey Pines Rotary can get him in her car either. We may need to helicopter lift him out:

But he's cute!

Anyway, here we are, Jordan is picking up mandolin real fast:

And here's our booth:

We're collecting toys for Rady Children's Hospital -

We have two collection bins, one here and one at the exit of the fair.
They get filled up pretty fast.

The sick kids at the hospital LOVE these!

We get to talk about Varsity Strings, hand out cards,

And our booth got a Blue Ribbon from the Fair;

Here's the current vote on the Top Ten Favorite Foods at the Fair. We've had some strong winners so far, July 4th is the last day of our contest but these top 10 are looking real good after today's voting:

1. Strawberry Funnel Cake
2. Roasted Corn
3. Corn dogs
4. Hot dogs
5. Fried Zucchini
6. Turkey legs
7. Candy
8. Tasty Chips
9. Lemonade
10. Mini Donuts

As you'll notice, #3 and #4 are merging into a giant third place "Hot Dog" category. Even if we put their votes together into a single "Dogs" vote they wouldn't beat the Funnel Cakes and Roasted Corn, though...

This has nothing to do with the Fair but watch this drummer.
He's so good he makes the other guys look weak, it's really funny!

Thanks for watching, see you soon!

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