Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Varsity Strings Swag

Support Varsity Strings by buying our SWAG! 100% of profits goes to our charities, and we've got some pretty cool stuff.

Sunburst 1950's Poster Style T-Shirts
Varsity Strings, Est. 2008
"If you aren't playing any bad notes,
you aren't trying hard enough."

T-Shirts in 100% Natural Organic Cotton, $22.50.
Price includes shipping.
Sizes; Medium, Large, X-Large, XX-L.
(Ordering info at bottom.)

Giant Nikbeats Poster, "Feet"
Black & White 25"x 37", $14.00

Giant Nikbeats Poster, "The Band"
Black & White 25"x 37", $14.00

All prices include shipping, mail your return address
and a check made payable to Cam MacMillan at:

Varsity Strings
367 North Hwy. 101
Solana Beach, CA USA 92075

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