Tuesday, July 27, 2010

A.R.T.S. Class, Summer Session!

Back to the A.R.T.S. Class! I started this class with Adrianne Escobar and Andy Erickson at Liberty Station, but they've been on summer vacation and it's time to get back to work now!

These kids are catching on fast, until I realized that they didn't know the difference between "classical" and "blues" guitar songs. I'm not kidding. One kid thought that the difference was you played one with a pick.

Mario is demonstrating "classical" technique.

"Do you play blues on a blue guitar?"
"No. There aren't any blue guitars."
"What about THAT ONE?"

Yes, that's a blue guitar at the top left.
I learned something today. The kid's right. You CAN play blues on a blue guitar.

One of their paintings, "Bird Of Paradise".

See you next time!

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