Friday, July 2, 2010

Varsity Strings T-Shirts

It was time. So we made t-shirts today. Thanks to The Branding Iron of La Jolla!

We wanted these to look like real old-time western music & rock posters from the 1950's, so we beat up the artwork a lot to give it a weathered look, and printed in color fades in a careful hand-made screen process.

Also, we printed the shirts on Gilden's 100% organic cotton, a creamy white color.

This is the print screen. No, they're not going to be pink (yet).

Here are the colors that we used for the first batch!

Here's the sunburst theme we designed...

And here's the very first layer of color on the shirt!

YAY! The first shirt is done! How exciting! You should buy one, they're all the rage at parties.

Look at it, it's fresh off the rollers like a hot batch of cookies.
Mmm... cookies.

Tada, who needs tuxes anymore when you can have one of these. Perfect attire for any occasion, whether it be a barbecue, beach party, or shotgun wedding.

I have the honor of wearing the very first shirt!

Each shirt is $22.50. All profits go to our charity fund; we'll have these on our online store later today...

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