Thursday, November 10, 2011

BIG NEWS in San Diego!

The City Council of San Diego just removed the restaurant entertainment fee.

This means that restaurants or eating/drinking places that close by 11:00pm do NOT have to pay entertainment fees to the city anymore. Restaurants were paying the same price as bars and nightclubs - about $3900 per year to the police department, believe it or not, for a city permit to play music while people dined.

This means we can now play live music in ANY restaurant in San Diego. They don't have to fill out any forms or pay fees. They just pay us and everybody's happy!

This all happened when the entertainment fee was pointed out to be a ridiculous expense and killing most live music performances; the City Council listened and just did away with the fee. It's part of a greater effort by the council and especially council member Carl DeMaio (he's a great guy, check out his info below) to promote San Diego's job opportunities and eliminate red tape.

A second meeting is planned to officially approve the decision, then there will be a 30-day period before the permit exemption is enacted. It will undergo a 1 year trial period before it becomes permanent.

Councilmen involved (click to view) with this decision are:
Carl DeMaio


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