Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Carl DeMaio Says IT'S DONE!

So I talked to Carl DeMaio yesterday!

Shook his hand and everything! He's a great guy, genuinely concerned about the city of San Diego, and we talked all about his new fee exemption for live entertainment at restaurants. He's really careful to call it an exemption - bars and nightspots are not exempted, just restaurants that close by 11:00 pm.

Again, this now means that any San Diego restaurants which close by 11:00 pm do NOT have to pay the $4000 yearly fee for any sort of live entertainment anymore. This is a REALLY big deal to us - we can play, have fun and hold fundraisers in any restaurant now. This summer is gonna be WILD.

He says it's a "DONE DEAL!" They're signing it this Friday, November the 18th. There will be a 30 day pause before it goes into effect, but basically it's law. He told me that some people on the City Council argued for a 100-foot sound perimeter to be maintained around the restaurants, but Carl literally asked "WHY?" Nobody could seem to answer this, so it goes into law for ALL restaurants, no conditions, BEFORE CHRISTMAS!

Carl was a really upbeat, terrific guy in person and amazed that I actually knew the details about the entertainment fee exemption - the Council didn't do it for the publicity, but because they really want to get live entertainment back into San Diego and make this a fun town again.

That's why Carl looks so happy! 
We're happy too! 
Thanks Carl! (Nice blue tie!)

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