Saturday, April 14, 2012

The Marshall AS50D

Just bought this amp. Been looking for one like it for years and this one popped up used and just had to get it, because WOW here's what it does:

You can hook up two guitars and a mic to it at the same time.
Channel One is designed for acoustic guitars.
Channel Two is for more acoustic guitars or electric, or bass, and voice.
It has a feedback killer dial, so no squeals.
The guitars have separate volume and mixing controls. 
The guitars have on-or-off chorus and reverb separate controls.
The mic has separate reverb, bass, etc. 
This is a 50 watt 2x8" speaker system. It's LOUD and fills a giant room.
It sounds just plain amazing. Compares to the best amps out there.
It's LIGHT. it's easy to pick up.
It looks cool, it's very retro with gold dials and a leather handle.

This is based on old 1930's amps that were basically self-contained PA systems that could handle multiple instruments and a mic. They should make more of these, it's pretty obvious when you hook it up and start fiddling with the dials that this is a killer kool system. Sophia is gonna love it. There may even be a monitor out on the back, the investigations still continue.

Thanks Mr. Marshall!

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