Sunday, April 15, 2012

Sophia Records a CD!

Sophia just recorded a quick professional demo CD of her favorite songs. Max did the acoustic and electric guitar work with her, but some of the best recordings were of Sophia singing and playing on a giant Yamaha grand piano. It sounds AMAZING. The recording and mixing engineer says that he's never recorded anyone singing so well, let alone playing such perfect and full piano at the same time! He actually gave us an extra hour for free because he wanted to go the extra mile doing a really precision job on the mix.

This was a huge amount of fun, and Sophia and Max took to their monitor headphones right away. It was sort of scary how professional they were! They usually did two takes of each song and the engineer did almost no editing, he just selected his favorite take and bumped up the levels as needed. It was easy.

Here's the CD cover:

Another version -

And pics of Sophia in the studio:

Thanks to everyone involved in this project, 
thanks especially to Sophia and her parents.

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