Friday, May 13, 2011

Del Mar Sunset Soiree

The Del Mar Rotary Club asked us to be the entertainment at their giant annual Sunset Soiree. We said YES. It was held in the rooftop gardens at the Del Mar Plaza. Here's Curly Max, all dressed up and plugged in.

Our view - most of the time we just jammed on our favorites and watched the big waves roll in. I surf over to the top right of the photo, in Solana Beach.

Sophia does the right thing and puts on giant shades for most of the evening. The sun was setting behind us but it was BRIGHT up there for the first part of the show!

She also figured out that she could just put all the lyrics on her iphone and look down once in a while at it to get them right. Beats having papers blowing all over the place.

Sophia... IS A GENIUS!

Megan gets into it...

Isn't this a cool shot??!?!? It looks like a San Francisco Music Festival poster, doesn't it????

The sunset is coming, this is my favorite shot of me and Curly Max. A great way to wind down our senior year, and this was maybe our most fun concert of all time. We CRUSHED it.

The Legendary Megan, with her ultra-cool and rare stand up electric bass.

Free food, music, lots of fans, the girls are really enjoying themselves.

...then the sun goes away!

Sophia keeps on singing, we later found out that we played for almost 3 HOURS!!!

A classic shot!

We dig into the strings...

Megan is at peace.

This is my favorite shot too.

Early in the evening - later on about 3 times this many people showed up. Curly Max and I are jamming.

Check out that TONE!!!! I love the solos!!!!

These cats go strutting. By this time we had a big fan club lined up in front making noise and singing along...

Bye, and thanks again to Val at the Del Mar Rotary Club! 
They raised a huge amount for the Boys and Girls Club, 
the Torrey Pines Interact club
and lots of college scholarships!

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