Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Return of the NIKBEATS!

Well, Voices For Children treated us to a free dinner, we played all a big set for them, had lots of fun and made $80 in tips for Fresh Start Surgical Gifts!

It was a pretty good night, if you ask me. And it was....


Here we are getting ready. We didn't know if we should play loud or soft, so we just played LOUD. It was almost impossible to turn the music down anyway, we were in one corner of a flat-walled conference room that made it like a giant megaphone:

Megan on the electric double bass, C.M. on drums!

Sophia sings!

Curly Max plays the Strat!

Max watches for evildoers!

Megan looks so incredibly excited. Maybe she's thinking about tomorrow's AP exams....

The NikBeats, making a mess but having fun doing it!

Part of the crowd -

Max & Max do a guitar intro -

Then Sophia lets loose with Stray Cat Strut, and the minute she started singing people started tipping! It was amazing, she filled up the Tip Jar faster than I've ever seen, it was like somebody unplugged a Niagara Falls of $1 bills! (We even got some $20's, thanks!)

And a ripping-quick version of Little Lion Man. This is one of Sophia's favorite songs, she knows all the words and we learned to play it for the first time last week:

Thank you, Susan at Voices For Children!

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