Saturday, May 28, 2011


Here we are at LIZFEST 2011! This is the 5th Annual Pop-And-Jazz festival held at the Weedmark's that is sort of an underground Woodstock for San Diego jazz pros. They raise money for performing arts scholarships and music programs around town.

We open with Sophia's version of "Little Lion Man", which is becoming one of our standards, the drummer at the back is Russell - a Grammy-winning pro who jumped right in like he's been practicing this song all week:

Jake gets into it here, the audience loves these two!

Jake's favorite song:

Sophia wants to go to BOSTON!

A Max original - I wrote this with Jake:

And these guys are pretty amazing for being 10 years old!

Here is what happens at night at LizFest; 
the whole place turns into a Greenwich Village style coffee house 
filled with jammin' jazz pros;

Here's a great version of "All Of Me":

See you next time, 
and thanks to
Nathan and Anita Weedmark!

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