Saturday, May 14, 2011

Voices for Children Graduation

Voices for Children asked us to be the entertainment at their big high school graduation ceremony for the foster kids they represent. Here's the place, which looks exactly like the Hotel California from the Eagles song, doesn't it?!?!?

It's somebody's HOUSE!

Me by the pool, warming up. I guess it's pretty great living in California.

Some guitar songs first. Sophia look like she's ready.

There's just the two of us this time - they wanted some easy going songs, not a giant rock band.

Sophia knocks them out. People kept telling her how great her voice is, somebody said that they thought someone had left the radio on, but realized that it was live when her voice sounded BETTER than the radio version!

The whole garden is Hawaiian style - there are Tikis everywhere!

They're planting little pineapples all over the place, how cool is that?

The guests, these kids were great!

More guests -

They hand them a State graduation certificate, and a NEW LAPTOP computer! That's our sound system they're using; microphone pluged into a guitar amp. The amp was thrown in with a Strat I bought from a friend for $75.00. So like the whole system cost about $94.00 and it's being used right here by a California State rep and a state judge, and the head of San Diego's largest program for foster children.

Works great.

Here's one of the new computers being powered up:

Good night, cats, and congratulations!

Oh, but first, here is Sophia and me practicing "Hotel California" - cut us some slack cause this is the very first time we've even tried to do the song!

And "Soul Sister" but my dad starts coughing and has to end the video about half way through.

GOOD NIGHT! And a huge thank you 

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