Thursday, April 29, 2010

94th Aero Squadron Sunset Concert

We did a Sunset Concert for the Children's Charity Coalition yesterday, they have meet & greets once a month at restaurants around San Diego. This is the 4th one we've done for them (I think???) and the first with a really good sunset, even though they're always called Sunset Concerts.

This was all a launch party for Jeff Perwin's San Diego Institute of the Arts, a non-profit organization that brings together students, performers, artists and photographers. It's partnering with the San Diego Institute for the Performing Arts and the San Diego Institute of Photographic Arts to make some amazing things happen.

Oh, and here's Montgomery Field, a small plane airport next to us. The restaurant is basically on their runway:

They have these ambulances all over the place in case you get sick-

This plane missed the runway!

We kicked off the meeting with some music, music, and more MUSIC.

Did something fall on Curly Max's guitar? What's the mystery here? And who is that guy behind the keyboards? Let's spy on them!

I wore my red and black striped shirt with my red and black striped tie. They match!

And - who IS that guy to the right?

It's ALEX! He's a great keyboardist - composer - basoon - bass player.
He wears really cool black leather jackets.

Lets listen to him play some ragtime:

"Hey Max, you ready?"

"Yeah, I'm ready. You ready?"


And the one thing we found out yesterday is that Curly Max definately looks the most like a real musician. We're going to give him the Golden Violin Award for Service Above and Beyond What's Actually Really Needed and Being Able to Put On Cufflinks in Less Than 20 Minutes.

Thanks to Jeff Perwin at the San Diego Children's Charity Coalition,
and his newly launched San Diego Institute of the Arts!

Contact them at:

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