Saturday, April 24, 2010

Linda Vista Fair

This was a pretty BIG DAY. Nobody else could show up in the morning to play, so I had to take this one on solo.

Here's the first bunch of music CDs we made up for the San Diego Children's Charity Coalition as fundraisers:

Have to get the CDs to the booth. But first we have to get through this parade. Our booth is on the OTHER SIDE!
You know you're gonna have a good time when Ronald McDonald is the leader of the parade!

Here comes the Vietnamese Boy Scout Troop #1100. Look out for that Chinese Dragon -

Told you to look out! It's already eaten this guy! -

The drummers have it easy, riding in the truck. Looks fun.
But the dancers have to dance -

I got there and nobody was at the booth! It was pretty lonely in the morning -

...but it picked up later, and got busy right after lunch.

People liked me playing, asked a lot of questions and these people from the WIC/American Red Cross want us to play now at one of their functions.

Howard Wayne is running for City Council and we talked about politics for a while. I don't think he knows I'm too young to vote. He's a nice guy.

And then we ran into Billy Colestock from the just-founded -
- this guy was great, he's gonna hook us up with their people and I'll tell them about our Interact Club/Varsity Strings program. He's also the Program Director for the Citizen Diplomacy Council of San Diego. The folks from People To People International are also involved with the CDC, and I had a pretty amazing talk with them too:


Hope to see Billy real soon. Anyway, we got Busking tomorrow and my history homework isn't getting done, so see ya soon....

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