Friday, April 23, 2010

Take Your Pick

So we were busking at Folk Arts last week, and they had a bunch of chipped 45 records that they gave us for free. At home, I tried cracking them and they were pretty hard to snap. So I got out the AX and tried that and it worked real good. There were all these shards of records lying around and they kind of looked like record picks, so I tried carving them down with an electric sander ...

Hmmmm..... this is looking interesting...

and suddenly it LOOKED LIKE THIS -

And it played real good. So I made some more, these are pretty easy to make.

Here's one up close.

Like I said, works good.

So here's what I'm thinking. Since these cost $0.00 to make and they play great and people probably want them, we're gonna make 50 of them and give them away when we busk.
One donation = one pick.
Take your pick!

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