Sunday, April 25, 2010

Busking at the Roots Festival

It's Max and Max! And now we're STREET PERFORMERS! (Curly Max's secret long-time aspiration) We made sixty-two dollars for Fresh Start!

This neat little shop was right in front of us, and I tried out mandolins and a ukulele bass. I'm saving up for a mandolin now, because I don't know anyone that plays one!

We start out the day by loading up the Cube (aka the BeatBox) with our axes of mass destruction.

Then we hit the back alleys on the way to our special little busking corner.

Finally, Curly Max in his natural habitat.

Busking means that we aren't getting paid for the gig. Curly Max: "We aren't getting paid?" Dark Max: "No, we get our money in tips. Like waiters. And teachers who are easy to bribe."

Make a donation and take your 'pick' of these handmade 45 rpm record picks!
One dollar each, please...

Dark Max takes a guitar solo that's way over everyone's head.

No folk/blues/hippie festival is complete without a burrito stand. Well, this is California.

Here's another interesting booth at the Roots Festival. This was typical.

Here's a joke. What goes "Oink," then gets burned?

Answer: Lunch!

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