Thursday, April 1, 2010

South Park Open Mic Night

Time to practice for the April 3rd concert! It's Spring Break, and that means NO HOMEWORK! We decided to do an open mic night at a place called South Park Bar & Grill.

We loved their sign outside; it would make a great 80's cheap t-shirt:

Inside we signed up then waited around for other guys to play. We were second to sign up but we kept getting pushed back, and all the other guys sounded the same. They all played acoustic guitar and sang Joni Mitchell songs -
Here's the back of a sign that I want for my room:

Finally we went up on stage and played this:

Everybody turned away from the bar TV screens to watch us, I guess they liked us so we played some more, here's Curly Max looking and playing Gypsy Jazz like a pro -

And we ended up with our signature out-of-tune Sweet Home Alabama:

Thanks! Good night! It's getting late!

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