Sunday, April 11, 2010

Busking at Folk Arts

We hit Adams Avenue today to Busk (play in the street for money) for Fresh Start Surgical Gifts. Curly Max has actually done this before in PB, and we made a little cash.
It was REALLY fun.

Curly Max's arrangement of Bossa Dorado;

We realized we needed to be more in the center of the action, and took it down to Folk Arts Rare Records. They let us play outside pretty much all day.

Gotta tune up.

Looks like it's been here since 1967, that's like 25 years before I was born.

Folk Arts is a kooky-kool place. He has things like this taped to the front of his shop:

This actually sounds interesting....

Here we GO! The classic Hesitation Blues, the first guitar song recorded electrically, so in theory the first electric guitar song ever! -

Red Line Blues, we made these up on the spot -

We call this Molasses River Blues;

All in all, we made 12 bucks. It ain't much but we had a great day!
See ya kids!

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